[Review] Let’s travel and enjoy Korea with Safe Stay Korea

Korea is known to be one of the most attractive and mesmerizing country to visit. Aside from travel convenience you will experience through public transportation means such as subway trains, buses, and taxis (cab) Korea is also one of the best and safest travel destination be it for solo travelers or group travelers. 

One of the most important part of completing your travel itinerary is of course looking and booking your COMFORTABLESOUND, and SAFE sleeping place. Sometimes booking a hotel room is quite expensive especially to those travelers who like a budget-friendly trips. If you are looking for a good suggestion on where and how you can book your COZYNICE, and SAFE sleeping place in Korea then you arrived in your right destination. 

This blog post will mainly talk about my first hand experience in WOOJU HOUSE as part of SAFE STAY KOREA SUPPORTER program. 

What is SAFE STAY KOREA program?

SAFE STAY KOREA is a campaign launched by Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) to foster a positive Korean image to foreign tourists and business owners basically through a comprehensive information service that talks about safe and wholesome Korea accommodation services such as Hanok (or the traditional Korean housing), Korea homestay and guest houses. 


Name of Guest House: WOOJU HOUSE (우주하우스)
Address: 02833 서울특별시 성북구 동소문동 1가 57-2번지 
Telephone Number: +82-02-766-1644 
Mobile Number: +82-10-5532-7778 / +82-10-8667-0429 / +82-10-6545-2120
Email: meli0408@hanmail.net
Homepage: woojuhouse.com


By Subway
From Hanseong University Station (한성대입구역) Seoul Subway Line 4 (light blue line) walk straight to exit 7. From exit 7, walk straight for about 2-3 minutes until you reach the third alley on your left then from there take the hilly road to arrive at Wooju House (우주하우스). (Do not worry you will not be lost as Wooju House have a visible signage.)
By Airport Bus
Ride airbus No. 6011 at gate 5B or 12A located at the Arrival Area of Incheon International Airport. Get off at Hanseong University Station Bus stop. Cross the road and go straight until you saw the flower shop leading to the hilly road. Walk straight and you will see Wooju House on your right side.
GETTING ACQUINTED WITH WOOJU HOUSE (Amenities, common courtesy, and policies) 

Check-in time: 4:00pm ~ 10:00pm 

Check-out time: 11:00pm
Free Breakfast service time: 8:00am ~ 10:00am
Lights off time: 11pm (As common courtesy to other guests, the owner request its visitors or guest to refrain making loud noises from 11pm until early morning)
Shower room / Toilet location: 1st floor (man), 2nd floor (woman) [Please refrain taking shower from 11:30pm until 4:30am so as not to disturb other guest]

* The whole Wooju House is a non-smoking area so smoking inside the guest house premises is strictly prohibited. If caught you will be asked to check out. 

* Make sure to separate the garbage accordingly, they provide separate trash bins for specific types of garbage.
* Eating inside the room is strictly prohibited, however, you can do so in the living area.
* Make sure to wash all the dishes you used before leaving the guest house. 
* Return the slippers in the slippers rack after using. 
* Make sure to turn off the lights and air conditioner before you leave your room or the guest house.

* Make sure to pay your laundry fee according to the type of service you used. 

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