Shim-Cheong Hanok Village and a tale of the devoted daughter

Shim-Cheong Hanok Village


It is a Hanok pension village created by the theme of Shim-Cheong’s story.

The large Korea’s traditional style houses with plenty of trees and grass around create a beautiful scenery of the village. Follow the vines covered stone walls along the paths of the peaceful village and take a look around. You will find yourself relaxing and pleasant. You can find a small monument of Shim-Cheong in the pond too. There is also some space made for guests to play outdoor sports. Wide front yards, and big rooms make it possible for large groups to come and do their programs and activities here.

The village consists of total 18 Hanok houses (6 houses with tiled roof, 12 houses with thatched roof). The exterior looks like an old traditional house, but the interior is decorated in a modern style.

All rooms have private washrooms, and some rooms have a kitchen provided with basic appliances for cooking. The biggest room they have can accommodate up to 15 guests at once.


  • Address: 274 Songjeong-ri, Ogok-myeon, Gorseong, Jeollanam-do
  • Phone Number: +82 61-363-9910
  • Price and booking procedures are listed in their official web site

http://심청한옥마을.kr (In Korean only)

A tale of Shim-Cheong, the devoted daughter

The tale of Shim-Cheong is an old Korean tale that has been passed down from long ago.

Shim-Cheong was a girl whose mother was passed away when she was born and her father was a blind man. She lived with her blind father and even at her young age, she took well care of him while doing the tough tasks to earn a living. She sacrificed her own childhood for him and she was respected as a kind-hearted girl in the village. The word of mouth spread far enough to reach China.

One day she was walking along and a monk passed by and saw her. He asked her if she could marry the King in China for 300 bags of rice. Shim-Cheong was poor, and she wanted to save her father. So she received 300 bags of rice and gave to her dad.

source : youtube/tvdonghua

After that, she went to China to marry the King of Qin Dynasty. And it was said that her father had opened his eyes because of the sad tears of losing his daughter.

Time passed, and when she came back with the King, he saw his wife overjoyed when she found her father. Shim Cheong and her father lived together happily ever after.

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