[Review]Safe Stay Kore Supporters-1st Safe Field Trip/2nd Day


We made our plan for the 2nd day together with our team and left the guest house in the morning. We were really pleased with the service provided we were there for a short time.

We had a lot to do on the 2nd day, but first, we need to start the day with a nice breakfast ๐Ÿ™‚ Korean breakfast is totally different from our country. Because of this, we choose a commonplace.

Our Target;

  • Breakfast; ISAAC Toast (Totally different toast…)
  • Hagajae Museum Tea Ceremony (wearing Hanbok)
  • Insadong Street; Ssamzegil Shopping Center
  • Traditional Korean food Restaurant (์ฒ˜๋งˆ๋ ํ•˜๋Š˜ ํ’๊ฒฝ)
  • Insadong Trickeye Museum (Fun Fun Fun)ย 
  • To eat dessert and evaluate what we did in 2 days.

In every corner of Korea, you can see as many as you can see a toast, our minds Turkish style, There are completely different varieties of toasts here. I wanted to try shrimp toast, which is the closest to the taste buds. They tried two other kinds of flesh meat. But the image was really appetizing. Eggs, greens and meat, shrimp and so on. The material is being placed. Bread are fried and have some honey … Is there anything they have not put honey in? Anyway….How happy I am after not eating bread for a long time.ย 

ย 1

After breakfast, we will go to “Hagajae Museum” tea ceremony, which is our most important target. If you want to attend ceremony here, you have to make an appointment from the page of the museum. When we went there were only 3 people (so it was completely us). The official of the museum and the instructor who made tea ceremony greeted us and took us to a Hanbok shop, which is exactly next to the museum. This shop gives free Hanbok for 2 hours to those who attend the ceremonies. When choosing our Hanbok, we received compliments from the Ajusshi made our hair. Looks like a fatherย 

Because he used to make her daughter’s hair in the past. He was very happy to see us.ย 


ย 4

We went to the museum after we wore Hanbok. The place I call the museum is not such a big place, but a floor inside a building and a gallery of arts (doing it in a curator).

After visiting the art gallery section, our instructor, who will do tea ceremony, provided us with preliminary information … (They know very little English here). After that, we were going to have the Ceremony and watching the actual presentation. Our instructor prepared and offered us tea one by one and we drank our tea as he told us beforehand. It was so delicious. Can not we have another bowl? I kept myself hard to say….. (one more bowlย 

Before the tea ceremony, there was an empty bowl and the traditional Korean dessert. we would eat before and after the tea. I ate the brown rice first after the rice cakes !!

This tea in the form of powder is prepared by the hot water with the teacher. (I took the video but can edit it, yet)


After tea ceremony, we handed over our Hanbok and headed towards Insadong street. Insadong street When it comes to Seoul, one of the places that should be visited is definitely one of the other places where all the shops on this street have a Korean sign. Insadong street is hosting many galleries on the name of Culture Art. Good option for shopping. I can find many design products here especially I love Ssamzegil open shopping center very much. And there is a famous “Shit” cafe selling a shit snack.There are two choices the red bean sauce and the chocolate. And damn it was so delicious and these little girls were waiting for her to eat.


In Insadong, you have the chance to eat at many traditional restaurants at the same time. After we had a little walk around and got some small things, we went to the Restaurant, one of them. It is a restaurant with an old Hanok house in the shape of a courtyard. As you enter the dining room, you take your shoes off and you go in and eat your food on the floor. (So I always pay attention to my socks when I’m in Korea, so I will go somewhere like this, formal clothes and Mickey Mouse socks, not good combination)

Our Meal Menu is really good and healthy. Seafood abalone and besides it, there were Korean appetizer, seaweed soup.


We had eaten the meal, we went to the “Alive Museum” in Insadong. (close to Jongna station) I had a lot of fun before I went to the Trick eye museum.




After we had fun in Trick Eye, we found ourselves in a cafe. But I say we made a good choice again. Its really delicious.

We talked about what we did in the day and kept our notes.


Obviously, I am usually travel alone. But when I spent a very good (quality) time withย Hang and Jiyeon,ย It reminds me of the last year’s Global Wow Korea tour. At that time we had such a share in 10 countries around us. Really good experience…


Our Safe Stayย  Korea is made up of a really similar team. I am very happy to be involved in this team. This time, I’m in Korea longer than before and The accommodation is really important, there are a lot of people here who are trying to fool you.


I am already very interested in the 2nd trip, I will do it in the first place. I missed Andong and another trip because of the school. I am very sorry for but after I heard the school trip to Everland at the same time in the school.


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