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A safe accommodation team in Korea shortly after we first met, divided us into three-person teams. Each team was set up to consist of 1 Korean leader and 2 foreigners. My team consisted of Korean Jiyeon and Vietnamese Hang. I said, sınce we three girls are together let’s wear hanbok to complete our tasks. We also put a name for us as “Girls Generation” as a joke. With the task of our group, we were able to find suitable accommodation in Seoul Jongno area and suitable places for assigned tasks. Among the missions whıle wearıng Korean traditional costume hanbok we watched and experienced a traditional tea ceremony, shopping at Insadong street and eating traditional Korean food. In addition to this, we had to find and share places of interest in the region.

First of all, we discussed what we could do and we got a list. Afterwards, our Korean team leader Ji-yeon, offered us her plan and together we confirmed it. Not many people can do so much even in 2 days, we discovered very beautiful places even in a shorter time and we had fun at the same time.

Our target;

  • Hide And Seek Guest House
  • Tongin Market ( Lunch)
  • Palace Fox (Rental Hanbok)
  • Gyeongbokgung Palace
  • Gwanghwamun Square
  • Project on the Road Cafe (Coffee Break)
  • 효자동초밥 Sushi Restaurant (Dinner)

First, we had to find the guest house. Because the place we want to stay in Insadong is full. Again we chose the guest house named “Hide and Seek” on the Safe Stay Korea list. “Hide and Seek” near here Gyeonbokgung Palace is a 15-minute walk. Guest House have a downstairs cafe and They have a 5 room (named Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Four Seasons) and a shared terrace at upstairs. It seems to be a bit expensive compared to other accommodation places, ideal for those who want to stay with our family, we are 3 people, so we stayed in the family suite which is the only empty room. At the entrance, there is a common area with table chairs, kitchen, bathroom, 4/6 bed and a private balcony. In-room TV and climate available. Obviously, when I walked in, I felt like I was going to a house. So you can cook for yourself,  you can order something from the bottom floor cafe. The owner was a very sweet Ajumma.


After we settled in the Guest House we headed towards the traditional Tongin Market which is very famous in the area. The Tongin Market feature, which is 10-15 minutes’ walk away. At the entrance you changing your new money to old Korean money. And inside to market you can buy food. You are given a lunch box and only 5.000 KRW you can buy lots of foods. Fried Dokbokki, Chicken, Pajeon, Japchae etc.. There is much food available. I really like this market but a little bit crowded, really hard to walk. When we took our meals, we could barely find a place to sit in the common area, and then we met 2 Iranians, 1 Greek University teachers. When I was tell I’m a Turkish and The old guy said “Selamun Aleykum”(It’s meant to Hello in Turkey, old version). We had a conversation. The most beautiful part of such places is that you can not come to expect many nice people. After a photo was taken together, we left and said goodbye.




After we ate our lunch at Tongin Market, we went to a Hanbok Rental place, a name is Palace Fox, which we had booked in advance. This place was found by researching Jiyeon on the internet. Many other places like to give money for hair and accessories, even the hair, the accessory even gives you a selfie bar for your use. If you have 4 hours and you are booked online, it is cheaper than usual. When I checked a little more on the internet, I got Hanbok hired from many YouTubers 🙂 I chose a Hanbok with blue colour which is my favourite colour. Obviously, the Hanbok in there shouted that I was really good.

(I apologized but many Hanboks I have seen before not beautiful …our hanboks really good quality) Anyway, we dressed our Hanbok and made our hair and we headed towards Gyeongbokgung Palace … (10 min to go to the shop Palace).



After visiting the Gyeongbokgung Palace for about 2 hours, I said to take a look at the festival in Gwanghwamun square, which is located right in front of the palace. Old Korea games, dances were very colourful images. We got beautiful pictures again.
Look like old British women’s clothes, Hanbok is tiring after a period of use. So we decided to find ourselves a cafe and rest up to the hour of delivering the clothes. I know this cafe before  name is “Project On the Road”  I discovered about two years ago. The owner knows Turkish famous writer Orhan Pamuk and this cafe have a own drink menu.Also inside photography exhibition and lots of music Cd collection.
We walked from the cafe to the Guest House where we stayed after we walked from the same street 🙂
we got pictures here with our Hanbok.


We returned to the Guest House to deliver our Hanboks and relax for a while. In the morning we just settled for leaving our goods and we said we should try our room before dinner. After resting for about an hour, there was a sushi shop on our way back to the Guest House. We thought it was a good place for name 효자동초밥 Sushi. In Korea, there are people in front of restaurant its meant such delicious places in general, and these types of places are called Korean “Matcib”. And first, we told him we were 3 people , and after waiting for 15 minutes outside. Finally he came. Really good atmosphere …we choosed 13 pieces sushi of the set, mini Udon and 6 piece shrimp fries. It was obviously over what I expected and really delicious. So I tried it in some sushi that I did not try before.(Snakeeeee sushi  )


After we had eaten our dinner, we returned to our little house (sorry a room) 🙂 Hehe… …resting after that was to evaluate all our checking and plan our programme tomorrow. In the meantime, I came across a drama that I watched on TV, and I got caught up in it. I watched it Korean drama without subtitles, so Jiyeon saw me and she said I look like a typical Korean girl and she laughed and laughed.


So we finished the 1st day. And in this comfy room, I had a sleep like that. Especially after the dormitory life came to me from heaven.

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