Traveling from the Incheon International Airport? Check out AREX.

Source : AREX (Airport Railroad Express)

AREX (Airport Railroad Express) is an express transportation service that links the Incheon International airport to Seoul directly. The airport railroad from Incheon Airport to Seoul Station is approximately 58km in length and there are two types of trains operated on this line. Direct trains and regular trains are two types. The advantages of the AREX include high speed of operation, convenience of transportation, and the ability to meet time (cars are often delayed by traffic in Seoul).

The direct train is a premium train that runs nonstop from Incheon International Airport to Seoul Station. Time takes about 43 minutes. They receive a fare of 8,000 won for adults / 6,900 won for children. Additional services offered include free use of the Seoul Metropolitan Airport Terminal, use of the Seoul / Incheon International Airport customer lounge, assigned seats, cabin attendant service, electric cart service, and free Wi-Fi service.

Regular trains are commuter trains that stop at all 12 AREX stations. It takes about 58 minutes both ways from the airport to Seoul. Adult fare is about 4,000 won and about half of that for children. Prices differ depending on your destination stops.

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Safe Stay Accommodations Around the AREX stations

JJ Guesthouse (Hongdae)


It is a place that has comfortable environment and convenient facilities for all visitors to Korea like tourists, backpackers, and business people. It is  only 4minute walk from the Airport Railway Hongdae station and offers a variety of services and information for free to enjoy as much of the lively city as possible. Visit the guest house that has been made by renovating an ordinary house and experience the life of Koreans!


※Check out our hongdae tour post if you want to enjoy your day&night in Seoul

  • Address: 113-23 Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
  • Phone number: +82 10-3033-5917
  • Booking sites:

Jiwoljang (Seoul station)


Jiwoljang guesthouse is located in the centre of Seoul only 15 minutes walking distance from Seoul station (AREX). It is a luxurious and has good facilities, but a little expensive than other guesthouses. A big and classic shape of the house in the heart of the city attracts interest from others and the big old trees make its surroundings beautiful. Jiwoljang has featured in several movies and TV programs because of its warm atmosphere. It has a living room where you can meet multinational people, a large terrace and a well-kept garden for a fun party. CCTV is operated 24 hours outside the house for safety but Jiwoljang has no dormitory type rooms.


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