Seoul’s top shopping streetsⅠ

Seoul is a great place to purchase stylish clothes as many people in Korea have lots of interest in fashion. If you have ever walked on streets in Korea, you may have already noticed that some Korean people are dressed up in nice style. If you wonder where to find those t-shirts, shoes, or jeans, then try these popular shopping areas that are more specialized in fashion apparels.

1) Myeongdong

2710001201704003m_Myeong-dong Street

Almost all popular foreign and local fashion brand stores have made it to Myeongdong. It is a favorite shopping area for both foreign tourists and Koreans. Before you visit here, it’s better to be aware that it is always packed with shoppers. Lotte duty free shops and big shopping malls in Myeongdong are another reasons why it is considered to be one of the best places to shop in Seoul.

2) Dongdaemun

3820142201400007k_Dongdaemun Design Plaza

Dongdaemun is Korea’s largest wholesale and retail area. Here are goods spread throughout 26 malls and 30,000 specialty shops. In street stalls or multi-floor shopping malls like Doota, Milliore, and Hello APM, you can almost find anything here that is related to clothes, shoes, and accessories. One shocking fact is that some shopping malls in Dongdaemun operate from 10am to nearly 5am the next day.

Safe Stay Accommodation Near Myeongdong and Dongdaemun

Bbungalow (Jongno-gu)


Bbungalow is a guesthouse that has been converted from a small family house near Gyeongbokgung. Its location is close to listed shopping streets above. It is well known to international tourists for with its clean facilities and friendly service, and has been recognized as an excellent service provider by Trip Advisor in 2015 and 2016. The guesthouse has two business partners: Furato restaurant and Sellaio Seoul. They share the same building and visitors can use these services in discounted prices.

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