Exciting activities to do at Han River

Han River is a favorite playground for everyone of all ages in Seoul with so much to do. Lots of people gather here for picnics and exercise. On the riversides, you can see the sparkling sunshine during the day and the beautiful night view of Seoul after sunset. This time we will focus on sports people do in Han River parks.

han river

Bike riding and jogging.

Bike or jog with a cool breeze along the wide river. Bicycle-only roads and running/walking roads are separated so people can use them safely. If you don’t have a bike in Korea, bike rental prices are reasonably cheap at average cost of 3000 won an hour.


Basketball courts and soccer fields are scattered all along the river. They are public facilities so anyone can use them for free. Visit some popular spots to play some pickup basketball or soccer with local citizens.

Other sports.

Windsurfing, skateboarding, inline skating, fishing, archery, swimming pools are also available in the Han River theme parks.

Safe Stay Accommodation you can find near Han River

  1. Han River View House

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Han River View House is located next to the peaceful Han River in Seoul. Guests can enjoy free breakfast and free Wi-Fi access throughout their stay. The rooms are non-smoking and air-conditioned. Guests can also use its parking lot for free of charge! Spend a lazy afternoon watching a great view of Han River in comfortable sofa. Han River View House guest rooms are decorated with wooden furniture and a large sofa creating a relaxing atmosphere during your stay.

    • Address: 601 Ho, 26, Ichon-ro 46-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
    • How to go: 10minutes drive from Itaewon, or from Ichon subway station walk about 15 minutes.
  • Reservation: use booking.com
  1. Lombard House

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The best part of staying at Lombard House is that it has decent rooftop and balcony facilities! It has a lovely terrace with outdoor tables and parasols. Guests can throw barbeque parties there because a nice and big grill is equipped by the guesthouse owner and it is ready to use!  Nice little tea tables are set in a beautifully decorated balcony. Feel free to use one of these extra facilities the guesthouse offers at your convenience.

Lombard House gets good reviews for its cleanness and kindness by its guests. There is a private locker and air purifier in every guestroom too! Relax in a neat room with beautiful ornaments. The guesthouse owner sometimes goes out to the Han River with the guests!

  • Address: 466-6, Seokyo-dong Mapo-gu Seoul, 121-842
  • How to go: Go to Hapjeong subway station exit 2 and it is in 10 minutes walking distance.
  • Reservation: call +82 10-5297-7297 or visit their website

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