Premium Safe Stay Hanok Hotels

We have introduced the terminology “Hanok” many times in the previous posts: “The Korean traditional tiled-roof house”. When you search rooms in Hanok online you will find some images with common features like simple rooms without beds, and toilets. Some of you might think Hanok too classic and is out of date. Then, how would it sound like if Hanok provides advanced hotel services in a luxurious space?

There are some premium Hanok Hotels which provide fine rooms and food made of highest quality ingredients. These hotels follow the manual of Western luxury hotels for customers to stay comfortable, but also giving them opportunities to learn about Korean traditions. Let us check out two Hanok hotels that are safe to visit.

1) Odongjae Hanok Hotel


With sophisticated design, rooms equipped with modern decorations, Odongjae consists of 32 rooms with every fundamental subsidiary facility. One exclusive service this hotel provides is the Korean wedding ceremony. This is not an activity; it is the real wedding. People dress up with Korean traditional wedding clothing and follow the traditional wedding procedure. Also, western style wedding is held in the garden of hanok.


The hotel has a banquet & seminar room. These rooms are decorated with Korean traditional ornaments but very luxurious! Hotel’s restaurant serves premium dishes with unique Korean recipe. Menu includes seafood, beef, homemade cutlets and more.

2049941_image2_1 2049950_image2_1

There are different kinds of room in Odongjae. If you wish to experience traditional Korean lifestyle, you may choose a room that does not have a bed. In other rooms, the hotel provides luxurious and comfortable beds to fall asleep in.

Lastly, the Yeosu Expo is just 10 minutes away from the hotel so if you have any plans visiting the Expo, why not stay at Odongjae Hanok hotel?

  • Address: 152 99 Expo Way, Yeosu City, Jeollanam-do
  • How to go: Arrive at Yeosu Bus terminal and take the bus number 333. Then get off at Yeosu Expo Station and walk 363 meters
  • Price: 210,000 KRW ~ 790,000 KRW (In the 790,000 KRW room, the room provides an excellent view of the sea)

2)  Yeongsanjae Hanok Hotel


This is the first Hanok hotel in Jeollanam-do. Its great garden emphasizes the beauty of Hanok while its room interior features a luxury hotel facility. With the 24-hour convenient store, souvenir & handicraft shop, the hotel guarantees a comfortable stay to all visitors.


Banquet hall is very large with more than 50 seats. Yeongsan-jae also has the wedding program as well as the first birthday party events for babies. Its restaurant serves Korean style buffet and barbeque. Try some premium Korean food in a reasonable price.


Five kinds of rooms are available and they are similar to Odongjae hotel. The difference is just the interior design. In Yeongsan-jae Hanok hotel, the rooms have a great view of sunset so you can enjoy the fascinating landscape of Korea while drinking a cup of tea in your room.

  • Address: 126-17 Naburoedo-ro, Samho-eup, Yeongam-gun, Jeollanam-do
  • How to go: Arrive at Mokpo Bus terminal and take the rural bus (Yeongam, Dokcheon). Get off at Dokcheon station.
  • Price: 150,000 KRW ~ 480,000 KRW (The most expensive price is the price rate of two-story house)

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