Experience Safe Stay surrounded by Fall Foliage

Autumn is just around the corner in Korea! Prepare to embrace the world with red & yellow mountains with cool wind blowing from all directions! If you are planning to visit Korea during the fall season, there are hundreds of options you may choose from because there are a lot of popular landscape spots in the country. But today’s posting, we will only focus on one region. Imsil is the name of the area.

Imsil is located at the center of Jeollabuk-do Province. Imsil is well known for the Korea’s first cheese production region as well as the name of one of the Korea’s best cheese brand. That’s why there’s a huge cheese theme park where you can experience making cheese. However, there is a better thing in Imsil than cheese. Imsil is also famous as the best place to visit in fall.

We recommend visiting following tourist sites around Imsil:

  1. Naejangsan Mountain (Jeongeup)
  2. Imsil Cheese Theme Park
  3. Okjeongho Lake
Naejangsan fall foliage
Naejangsan National Park
imsil cheese theme park
Imsil Cheese Theme Park
Okjeongho Lake ‘Korean chrysanthemum’ Park

For more information about these places, please click the link below

If you are interested to enjoy the beautiful scenery of autumn in Imsil, how about staying a night in Hanok and see the magnificent fall foliage or walk along the nearby walking trails? This is possible if you choose to visit our recommended Hanok, which is one of the Safe Stay accommodations.

Pil-bong Munhwa Village

Pil-bong Munhwa(Cultural) Village is a large complex where visitors can learn about Korea’s traditions through variety ways. The village provides academic programs like traditional dance, music and etc. Festivals, events, performances and Hanok accommodation services are also available to the public. Now, let’s look into Pil-bong Hanok which is approved as Safe Stay.


The name of the accommodation is “Chuirak-won”. The house is delicately built with pine trees and a large front garden (yard) provides big space for guests to use. There are more than 10 rooms which can cover 2~8 people. The largest Anchae can accommodate up to 20 people. The toilets are placed outside the room so you will have a chance to experience the traditional Korean lifestyle.


Since this Hanok stay is inside the village, visitors can easily access to variety programs the village provides (which is the best benefit of the place). Programs like making traditional food and daily products are all available. Especially, village’s annual feast ‘Pil-GOOD Festival’, held from April to September, attracts visitors into the traditional performances and activities.


If you decide to see outside of the village, you will be amazed by the enormous landscape in front of you. Because the village is surrounded by the mountains, it has created many spots to take photos of the great nature. You can also visit nearby parks for more fun.

  • Address: 272, Gangun-ro, Gangjin-myeon, Imsil-gun, Jeollabuk-do
  • How to go: Take the bus at Seoul Bus Terminal heading to Gangjin Public Bus Terminal. Then take the Imsil-Gwanchon bus and leave at Sangpil Bus stop. Walk about 150 meters. (total time spent is approx. 280 minutes)
  • Price: 70,000 KRW ~ 350,000KRW
    (The most expensive room can accommodate up to 20 people)
  • Reservation/For more informationhttp://www.pilbong.co.kr/ (Korean Only)

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