Journey to Tongyeong and the best Safe Stay accommodation in the city.

How far have you traveled in Korea? Have you visited any other places outside Seoul City? Well, if you consider yourself as a passionate traveler overflowed with adventurous spirit, how about challenging to visit places that are hours away from Seoul?

1518006201403011k_Nammangsan Park

Among the remote areas, we will introduce Tongyeong, which is located at South East of Korea. It is a harbor city so you can find several features related to the ocean. Visitors can enjoy Tongyeong Beach, ride cable cars or explore an underwater tunnel. Seafood restaurants along with street foods are concentrated next to the harbor so you can enjoy Tongyeong for a whole day! To check out all information including tourist attractions or events, visit the following website.

Now, the problem is how to get there from Seoul. However, there’s no need to worry because that’s not difficult at all! Take the bus from Seoul Express Bus Terminal bounded for Tongyeong. It will take roughly 4 hours to reach there.

3210020201302012k_Seoul Express Bus Terminal

After looking around Tongyeong city, you might wonder where to stay for the night. Korea Tourism Organization is proud to present a Safe Stay accommodation in Tongyeong. Please check the information below.

Bella Guesthouse

A Europe-style wooden architecture with lovely and clean interior, Bella Guesthouse guarantees a comfortable place for visitors to stay. There are total 47 online reviews in Korea’s famous online portal site and all of them gave Bella Guesthouse the highest point! The owner provides variety kind of services to the guests. That includes a ride to certain places, free breakfast (Rice roll & Seaweed soup), and detailed information about nearby tourist sites. Also, the owner can keep your luggage for free regardless of your check in/check out time.

bella guesthouse safestaykoreabella guesthouse safestaykorea

The overall design of the house is very sophisticated and appealing. There are 5 different types of rooms, which can accommodate 1~6 people. The living room is big, neat and luxurious. Guests from different rooms can gather in the living room and talk with new people. There are several toilets equipped in the house so there’s no need to wait in lines.


With extra 24,000 KRW, you can take a yacht ride in Tongyeong beach. Keep in mind this is a discount price (original price is 40,000KRW) provided at Bella Guesthouse. If you are considering going to the ocean, this guesthouse may be the best choice.

  • Address: 32-23, Seosongjeong 1-gil, Tongyeong-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
  • How to go: Take Bus #101 at Tongyeong Bus Terminal and get off at Dongyang Yujeon Entrance bus stop and walk 200 meter.
  • Reservation: Visit and type Bella Guesthouse.
  • Price: 25,000 KRW ~ 35,000 KRW (price differs depending on the season)

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