Current Korea Accommodation Business and the Significance of Safe Stay Campaign

Preparing a perfect travel requires lot of time and efforts especially when searching for information. There are three major elements you must consider when creating a travel plan: tourism sites, restaurants and accommodation. Among these main issues, people tend to pay close attention to accommodation facilities. They concern the overall information about the hotel such as kindness, cleanliness, customer service or locations. Among their considerations, the most important part is whether that hotel is a safe place to stay or not. That’s because there are countless illegal accommodations hidden all around the country where it is operated under terrible environmental conditions. However, it is practically hard to gain official information because majority of internet materials are written by an individual through subjective view. Therefore, Korea Tourism Organization grasped the current situation and launched a new project called “Safe Stay”.

<The background of Safe Stay and the objective>

안전민박 인포그래픽1

According to a statistic, there are over 10,000 rooms inside Seoul region that registered in an accommodation sharing platform, which is a world-widely known. However, it is surprising to realize that only 3,169 rooms of the entire Seoul Airbnb number are “officially” registered following the regulations. In other words, nearly 80% of Seoul shared accommodations are illegal. These illegal accommodations are operated under poor circumstance, with no safety facilities that can expose danger to visitors. It damages to Korea’s tourism industry and national image.

To prevent this tragedy, Korea Tourism Organization initiated “Safe Stay Korea Campaign”. The purpose of this program is to foster a positive image for Korea through providing information about safe and wholesome residents to business owners and travelers visiting Korea in order to enhance Korea’s safe and wholesome resident culture. The ultimate goal of Safe Stay Korea is to seize illegal accommodation business and attract those owners to register Safe Stay to provide safe and wholesome residence. Also, Safe Stay Korea will provide information of legal, safe accommodation to foreigners around the world, proving Korea is a safe place to travel!

※ The conditions to become Safe Stay

1Interior View Of Beautiful Luxury Bedroom

There are two types of Safe Stay accommodations we’re going to introduce: Guesthouse/Hostel and Hanok. You might be familiar to Guesthouse/Hostel but Hanok could be something you might have not heard about. Hanok refers to Korean traditional architecture constructed with natural materials. Tourists can experience Korean traditional lifestyles and activities through staying in Hanok. Hanok registered in Safe Stay are the chosen best places for foreigner to stay throughout the nation.

Safe Stay Korea only provides information of both accommodation types which joined the campaign. To become a member of Safe Stay, accommodations must follow the following standard:

  1. Follow basic accommodation business regulations
  2. Maintain cleanliness
  3. Provide excellent customer service
  4. Manage safety facilities
  5. And more!

※ Safe Travel Starts with Safe Stay

Korea Tourism Organization expects foreign visitors to select proper guesthouses, homestays and Hanok. They encourage accommodation business owners to follow their campaign to make Korea the best country to travel. Like mentioned above, Safe Stay Korea accommodations are officially approved places so foreigners don’t have to hesitate when selecting that place. Those selected accommodations will provide best service, best facilities and best memories! From now on, we will upload information about the selected guesthouses, homestays and Hanoks, one by one in depth so please look forward to us!

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