Exploring the Past through Hanbok in Safe Stay

There are many kinds of themes you can select when planning for a trip to another country, such as “Ocean” or “Autumn”. Among many ideas, if you really want to know about the culture of that country properly, perhaps selecting the theme as “Tradition” may be the right choice.

Among various cultural heritage in Kroea, one prominent element is Hanbok, the Korean traditional clothing. The history of Hanbok traces back to more than 2,000 years ago, meaning Korean people worn this clothing ever since the establishment of the civilization. The harmony of straight and curve line with vivid colors is the best characteristic to describe Hanbok. The color and the dress material represent that person’s social status in the past. However, nowadays, wearing Hanbok became a new fashion trend. You can try Hanbok easily at touristic sites, and some palaces and museums let you enter for free if you are wearing Hanbok.

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Now you have learned about what Hanbok is, we will introduce you some special guesthouses that are listed in Safe Stay where you can experience this magnificent traditional fashion. You don’t need to go out the city! It’s inside the center of Seoul!

Bukchon, located just beside Gyeongbokgung Palace, is an well preserved village. Here, you can not only find beautiful traditional elements and sites, but also learn Korea’s past inside the official safe Hanok, the Korean traditional tiled-roof house, accommodation is something you will never experience in other countries.


1) Bukchon Maru Guesthouse


Bukchon Maru Guesthouse is inside Bukchon Hanok Village which is located near Gyeonbokgung, the Korea’s largest palace. The owner owned the house for over 30 years that he deeply understands the history of Bukchon.

The house has two types charming rooms: the family room and the double room. All rooms include free WIFI, Ondol(Korea traditional heating system) and air conditioner. The internal atmosphere is cozy and peaceful, large and clean. The owner provides traditional Korean breakfast, including rice, soup, porridge, kimchi and other side dishes. All foods are hand-made and made of natural ingredients.

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The highlight of this guesthouse, which is beloved by every foreign visitor, is wearing Hanbok and taking photos! There are variety kind of designs so you can try on different kinds of styles. The owner will help you wear the clothing and tie the hairs. When you are ready, prepare to click the shutters with the traditional background behind.

The location is also a good feature because it is close to the Korea’s cultural assets. They include Gyeonbokgung and Changdeokgung, which are Korea’s magnificent palaces!

  • Address: 152 Changdeokgung-gil (2-164 Gye-dong), Jongno-gu, Seoul
  • How to go: About 10 minutes from Anguk Station(Seoul Line #3) Gate #3 by walk
  • Reservation: Contact +82-10-7424-8751 or visit http://www.bukchonmaru.com/en/reservation/
  • Price: 140,000 KRW ~ 180,000 KRW (Family Room) / 80,000 KRW ~ 110,000 KRW (Double Room)

※Family room has a private bathroom while double room has shared bathroom)


2) Moon Guesthouse

Moon Guest2

The scent of the pine tree and the red clay will stabilize the guest’s mind when you visit Moon Guesthouse. With the high-tech equipment adapted inside the accommodation, Moon Guesthouse provides a comfortable place in a pleasant environment. It is located next to the Jongmyo Shrine, a place for worshiping the kings. It is also close the subway station so the transportation system is excellent.

Moon Guest1Moon Guest3

Moon Guesthouse prepared variety kinds of traditional activities you can experience. They provide activity services like playing traditional instruments, making kimchi, calligraphy and more. However, the most popular activity is trying on Hanbok! You can reserve a package which includes 2~3 activities of the entire list. Please check the website below for more information.


There are two types of accommodation. The Unhyeon-dang is the main-house which can cover maximum 9 people if you rent the entire house. The Unheon-dang out-house is quite cozy which the maximum capacity is 5 people.


The guesthouse provides free breakfast every day. The menus are cereal, bread and drinks. Visitors can visit Unhyeongung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace and Insadong traditional street. They are very close to the guesthouse.

  • Address: 87-1 Unni-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul
  • How to go: About 5 minutes from Anguk Station(Seoul Line #3) Gate #4 by walk
  • Reservation: Contact +82-2-745-8008 or visit http://www.moonguesthouse.com/eng/booking/
  • Price: 110,000 KRW ~ 300,000 KRW (Main House) / 60,000 KRW ~ 250,000 KRW (Out House)

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