Enjoy the Busan Fireworks Festival inside your Safe Stay

2015 Busan Fireworks Festival

Every October, Busan holds the spectacular “Busan Fireworks Festival” at Gwangalli Beach, where more than 1 million people visit to view the colorful fireworks. This festival is Korea’s largest scale of fireworks event that you can even see the wonderful explosions from other Busan representative places like Dongbaek-seom Island, Hwangnyeong-san Mountain or Igidae Park. For this year, the festival will open at October 28th(Sat) at Gwangalli Beach. With the main mega-sized fireworks event, featured by world number 1 fireworks company “Parente Fireworks Italy”, variety kinds of programs are prepared such as razer shows or cultural events for visitors to create unforgettable memories. Foods and drinks from all over the world are ready for service.

Seats are available for visitors at the center of the festival to view the fireworks. The price differs according to the location and the size of the chair & table. For more information about the festival and the reservation of the seats, please visit the site below;


  • Date: October 28th (Sat)
  • Time: Entrance will begin from 16:00
  • Location: Gwangan-beach, Suyeong-gu, Busan
  • How to go: Subway: Transfer to Metro Line 2 at Seomyeon → Line 2 Gwangan Station (Exit 3 or 5), 8 min walk
  • Ticket : R Grand Table with Chair : 100,000 KRW per person / S Grand Chair : 70,000 KRW per person


Because the beach is too crowded, some people prefers a suitable place to enjoy the fireworks without being swept along with the crowd. One option can be the nearby hotels or guesthouses. There are many accommodations adjacent to the Gwangalli Beach where you can see the fireworks. Among all those places, here is the information of a guesthouse that is listed in Safe Stay, so you can stay in an official safe accommodation facility while viewing the fireworks in your quiet and comfortable bedroom.


Safe Stay – Gwangandaegyo Bridge Guesthouse

busan gwangalli guesthouse

Gwangandaegyo Bridge Guesthouse is located at the bottom of Gwangalli Beach, only 5~7 minutes away from the main beachside. The building design is quite unique so it won’t be hard to find this place. The overall interior and additional facilities are very clean, bright and sophisticated, with the kind owner providing excellent customer service. The guesthouse is so perfect that it is selected as “Safe Stay”.

busan gwangalli guesthouse livingroombusan gwangalli guesthouse rooms

The guesthouse has a large main room with a television, WIFI, and a coffee machine for visitors to stay comfortable and enjoyable. Because of the exotic environment, this guesthouse is beloved by many foreigners so you will be able to meet many foreign visitors from all over the world. The wonderful terrace is also a nice place for a cup of coffee.

There are three kinds of room types: a family room which can cover 4 people, a bunk bed room and a twin bedroom. Through the window you can view the awesome Gwangalli Beach as well as the fireworks. Where can you find a place where you can see that fantastic fireworks on your bed while enjoying your snacks?

gwangalli guesthouse busan

The location is the best part to introduce this guesthouse. Only few minutes away from the beach and the subway station. Therefore, there’s no worries about transportation problems when going to the city or the beach.

  • Address: 15-10, Gwangnam-ro 22beon-gil, Suyeong-gu, Busan
  • How to go: About 4 minutes from Nacheon Station( Busan Line #2) Gate #1) by walk
  • Reservation: Contact +82-10-4399-1473 or visit http://www.guest-house.co.kr/
  • Price: 60,000 KRW(Bunk Bed/Twin Room) / 120,000 KRW(Family Room)

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